Rabbit is the first e-money service in Thailand with a common ticketing platform between BTS and any participating mass transit systems while extending its usage into retail, service and tourism sectors to meet your smarter life.

Finally ONE e-money service for travel on BTS or other mass transit networks.
Easy to top up both monthly package and single journey tickets
Convenient, secure and time saving for tickets or change
Enjoy with valuable benefits through Rabbit Rewards Loyalty program and other privileges
Wisely e-payment with our growing roster of retail and other partners
Convenient, secure and time saving by using Rabbit instead of cash
No annual fee
Accurate to the exact “Satang”

Types of Rabbit

  1. Standard Rabbit
    1. Standard Rabbit - Type 1 (without deposit fee)

      There are 3 types of Standard Rabbit - Type 1:

      • These Standard Rabbit – Type 1 (without deposit fee) are available at all BTS ticket offices
      • These card types can be obtained for 200 Baht, which include 100 Baht issuing fee*and 100 Baht initial stored value.
        *1 April 2017 onwards
  2. Standard Rabbit for Advertising
    • Standard Rabbit for Advertising is a special format for our business partner to promote their company or product via Rabbit card in a certain period of time which is available at all BTS ticket offices.
    • Become our partner please contact us
    • View sample of Standard Rabbit for Advertising here
  3. Special Rabbit
    • Special Rabbit is a limited edition format issued and sold by Bangkok Smartcard System Company Limited - the operator of the Rabbit system
    • Special Rabbit may be issued to celebrate special occasions , as a souvenir or as a collectable item
    • Special Rabbit may be provided in various forms such as card or other products and devices
    • View sample of Special Rabbit here
  4. Corporate Rabbit
    • For companies that wish to issue their own customized Rabbit
    • View sample of Corperate Rabbit here
    • For more information, contact us
  5. Co-branded Rabbit
    • Issued by financial institutions or corporations that wish to add Rabbit functionality to credit card, debit card, or other card types or devices
    • View sample of Co-Branded Rabbit here
    • For more information, contact us

Where to get rabbit

Standard Rabbit is available at all BTS Ticket Offices.

Conditions of Issue

If you have issue viewing the document in your browser, please download pdf file here

Rabbit’s registration

To enhance your confidence of using Rabbit, you can register your Rabbit to increase your ownership protection and reduce any loss of confiscation in case of unexpected issues.

  • More secure on your Rabbit stored value refunding
  • Able to report the loss or stolen Registered Rabbit via Rabbit Hotline for card suspending

The stored value refunding and responsibility of the loss and damages of Registered Rabbit shall be complied with procedures and conditions as defined by the Company. Please also see Terms and Conditions of Rabbit’s registration

How to register your Rabbit

You can contact Rabbit Service Center to register your Rabbit by presenting these following items:

  • Your Rabbit Card
  • The original identification card for Thai citizen or original passport for foreigner.

For Applicant age lower than 15 years is required to present birth certificate or house registration

Where to register your Rabbit

At Rabbit Service Center (BTS Siam) from 8.00 AM – 7.00 PM daily

Please also see Terms and Conditions of Rabbit’s registration here

This item can be shipped to your home address

You can pick up this item at our service centre